Best Mountain Bike Helmets

When it comes to mountain biking, protecting your head is of utmost importance. A high-quality helmet not only shields you from potential impacts but also offers comfort and ventilation, ensuring an enjoyable ride.

In this article, we’ll explore the top mountain bike helmets on the market, considering factors such as safety certifications, fit, ventilation, and stylish design. Whether you’re a beginner hitting the trails or an experienced rider pushing your limits, we’ve got you covered.

So, get ready to gear up and discover the best mountain bike helmets that will keep you protected, comfortable, and looking cool while conquering the toughest terrain!

Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet

When it comes to finding the best mountain bike helmets, Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet tops the list. Known for its versatility, adaptability, and top-notch protection, this helmet is an excellent choice for all types of mountain biking.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet Features

The Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet is a well-rounded helmet specially designed for trail riding and enduro racing. Here are the standout features:

  • Adjustability: It offers a fantastic range of adjustments and fit, ensuring enhanced comfort during long and rugged rides.
  • Removable Chin Bar: It features a detachable chin bar, which is perfect for those challenging climbs when more airflow is needed.
  • Overbrow Ventilation: With 23 helmet vents, four brow ports, and six chin-bar vents, it provides exceptional ventilation to keep you cool even under high-intensity riding.
  • Integrated Camera Mount: The helmet comes with a built-in breakaway camera mount, catering to those who love capturing their thrilling biking adventure.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet Safety and protection

As for the safety features, the Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet incorporates Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), designed to help reduce rotational forces in case of a crash. Plus, it meets all the necessary safety standards, ensuring top-notch head protection.

The EPS foam liner coupled with a polycarbonate shell further enhances the helmet’s impact protection.

Here’s an overview of the helmet’s features:

FeaturesBell Super 3R MIPS Helmet
Removable Chin BarYES
Overbrow Ventilation23 helmet vents, 4 brow ports, 6 chin-bar vents
Integrated Camera MountYES
MaterialsEPS foam liner, polycarbonate shell
Safety Standards MetConsumer Product Safety Commission, CE EN1078

The Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet not only provides superb protection but also ensures a comfortable and cool ride. Make sure to weigh your needs and prefrences when choosing the right mountain biking gear; this helmet is undoubtedly a top-notch contender.

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

The world of mountain biking can be a thrilling adventure, and in order to enjoy the ride safely, protective gear such as helmets are a must. Among the best helmets available is the Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet. This helmet is designed for ultimate protection and comfort – exactly what you need for those exciting off-road trails.

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet Features

The Giro Chronicle MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is loaded with advanced features that make it stand out:

  • MIPS technology: The inclusion of Multi-directional Impact Protection System makes this helmet a safer choice. This technology can provide more protection in certain impacts, and it could reduce the amount of rotational force that may be transferred to the rider’s brain in certain impacts.
  • Durable design: Made with a polycarbonate shell with EPS liner, the helmet is designed to endure the harsh conditions of mountain biking.
  • Adjustable visor: The Giro Chronicle MIPS comes with an adjustable visor that offers a wide field of view and accommodates goggles.
  • Coolmax padding: This helmet features Coolmax padding to enhance comfort and manage sweat.
  • Goggle compatibility: It is designed for seamless integration with Giro goggles, providing a secure, lock-in fit.
  • Roc Loc 5 Fit System: The dial at the back can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet Comfort and Fit

The Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet is designed for excellent comfort and fit. It features a Roc Loc 5 fit system which lets you easily dial-in both fit tension and adjust vertical position with a single hand. It has been designed to accommodate pumped-up hair in the rear, and it spreads the pressure evenly around the head for a secure and personalized fit.

The Coolmax padding ensures sweat and heat management on hot days, enhancing the riding comfort. The helmet’s in-mold construction provides a clean finish and also adds to the overall durability of the helmet.

The Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet is thus a perfect blend of comfort, style, and safety, making it one of the top choices for mountain biking enthusiasts looking to prioritize safety without compromising on style and comfort.

Remember, always make sure that the helmet you choose fits well and is adjusted according to your fit. After all, the best helmet is the one that fits you best.

POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the rush of adrenaline from mountain biking, safety should be your top priority. One of the key safety gear that should never be overlooked is the helmet. Today, let’s focus on an impressive specimen, the POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet.

POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet Features

The POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet does not just meet the safety requirements but exceeds them. It is a well-designed helmet that focuses on safety, comfort, and style. Here are some standout features,

  • SPIN technology: This safety feature reduces impact damage in case of a fall by releasing a certain amount of energy during an angular impact.
  • Aramid Bridge: Extra Aramid bridges have been incorporated into the helmet’s structure to enhance structural integrity and offer better energy dispersion upon impact.
  • Extended Coverage: It provides more coverage at the temples and back of the head for comprehensive protection.

POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet Ventilation and Durability

When it comes to ventilation and durability, the POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet outshines many competitors.

If you take a closer look, the helmet has strategically placed aerodynamic vents that increase airflow and help keep you cool during long, intense rides.

The durability of this helmet is equally praise-worthy, thanks to its unibody shell construction. This construction enhances the helmet’s structural integrity, making it robust and durable while keeping it lightweight.

In conclusion, the POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet is a frontrunner in the mountain bike helmet segment in 2023—combining the robustness of the unibody shell construction, the innovative SPIN technology, and commendable ventilation system, all in a sleek design.

Whether you’re a casual rider or a professional biker, this helmet is designed to offer a fine balance of comfort, safety, and style. Always remember, your safety on those adventurous downhill sprints and challenging trails begins with a reliable helmet, just like the POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet.

Key Features:

  • SPIN technology for enhanced safety
  • Additional Aramid bridges for better structural integrity
  • Provides extended coverage for better protection
  • Designed with efficient, aerodynamic vents
  • Unibody shell construction for durability and light weight
  • Stylish and sleek design

Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet

The quest for the best mountain bike helmet in 2023 wouldn’t be complete without including the Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet. This helmet represents leading-edge helmet technology and an embodiment of safety, comfort, and style.

Features of Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet

The Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet comes packed with various exciting features including:

  • MIPS Brain Protection System: The MIPS system offers increased safety by reducing rotational forces in case of an oblique impact. This technology is designed to provide an additional layer of protection for your brain.
  • Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP): Unlike traditional helmets, the A2 MIPS uses EPP that does not permanently deform upon impact. This ensures better durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Polylite Shell Construction with Fiber Reinforcement: This enhances the structural integrity of the helmet without adding unnecessary weight.
  • 16% Extra EPS and EPP Foam: This ensures that critical areas of the helmet have additional coverage and protection.
  • Highly Ventilated: With 25% bigger air vents compared to its predecessor, it provides excellent cooling capacity during intense mountain biking sessions.

Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet Style and Design

One cannot overlook the stylish design and aesthetic look of the Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet. Here are some detailing worth noting:

  • Variety of Color Options: Whether you are a fan of classic black, vibrant blue, or prefer a more understated shade, the A2 MIPS is available in various colors to match your personal style.
  • Adjustable Visor: The adjustable visor allows riders to custom-fit their helmets according to their liking and comfort, enhancing the helmet’s overall usability.
  • X-static Pure Silver Comfort Liner: This comfortable liner provides excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, helping you stay dry during your ride.

The Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet is an excellent blend of advanced safety features, comfortable design, and a sleek appearance. It represents a significant leap forward in helmet technology, making it a solid choice for any serious mountain biker in 2023.


The importance of wearing a mountain bike helmet cannot be overstated. In addition to protecting your head from potential injuries, the right helmet can also enhance your overall cycling experience. But how do you choose the perfect helmet? Let’s consider the key points:

Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Mountain Bike Helmet

  1. Safety: The primary function of a helmet is to protect you in the event of an accident. Check for the appropriate safety certifications; in most regions, a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certification from the U.S. is necessary. Other noteworthy safety measures are certifications like the EN-1078 or the AS/NZS 2063. Make sure to refer to the regulations within your own country.
  2. Fit and Comfort: Your helmet should fit your head comfortably and snugly. An ill-fitting helmet can lead to discomfort during your ride and may not provide adequate protection in an accident. Helmets usually come in different sizes (Small, Medium, Large), so make sure to measure your head circumference before buying.
  3. Ventilation: Helmets with plenty of vents are preferable. They provide better airflow, which can help keep you cooler during your rides.
  4. Weight: Lighter helmets are generally more comfortable for longer rides. However, they should not compromise on safety. Therefore, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between weight and protection.
  5. Visor: For mountain biking, a helmet with a sturdy visor is beneficial. It shields you from low-hanging branches, mud splashes, and even the sun.
  6. Shape and Style: Helmets come in different shapes and styles, some offering more coverage at the back of the head. Choose a helmet that suits your riding style and provides adequate protection.
  7. Cost: While it’s important to invest in a good quality helmet, you also need to take into account your budget. Higher cost helmets often offer advanced features, such as tunable fit systems, more comfortable linings, or more venting. However, a lower cost helmet with the right fit can work just as well.

Here is a quick take-home message:

Factors to ConsiderDetails
SafetyLooking for certifications like the CPSC, EN-1078 or AS/NZS 2063
Fit and ComfortEnsure the helmet fits correctly and comfortably
VentilationLook for a helmet with ample venting
WeightFinding the right balance between weight and protection is key
VisorConsider a helmet with a visor for added protection
Shape and StyleConsider your riding style and choose a helmet that offers adequate protection
CostFind a helmet that fits your budget but doesn’t compromise on safety

Remember that a mountain bike helmet is an essential piece of gear. Therefore, you should invest time and thought into choosing your helmet, and always ensure it meets the relevant safety standards.

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