LTWOO GRT: Gravel-specific Budget Performance Groupset

A group of bicycle parts.

LTWOO GRT Groupset Components

You are in for a treat with the L-TWOO GRT 1x12s Carbon Gravel Hydraulic Disc Brake Groupset. This latest offering from L-Twoo is essentially built to enhance your gravel riding experience. When you choose this groupset, you’re investing in high performance and durable components designed specifically for the rigors of off-road cycling.

LTWOO GRT Dual Control Lever

Dual Control Lever – 1×12 speed available in aluminum, hydraulic carbon, hydraulic aluminum

A pair of black bicycle levers.

LTWOO GRT Rear Derailleur

A bicycle rear derailleur on a white background.

GRT 12 Speed 50T Stabilize damping available in carbon and aluminum. Max gear range is 11-50T.


GRT Disc Front & Rear hydraulic brakes. Available in gold and white.

Two black bicycle brakes on a white background.

Description and specifications of the LTWOO GRT Groupset components

  • The groupset features hydraulic brakes that provide you with strong and responsive braking power, essential for controlling your speed on unpredictable gravel terrains.
  • Equipped with a robust rear derailleur, it ensures smooth and reliable gear shifting across a wide range of gears, allowing you to tackle steep climbs and fast descents with ease.
  • As a 1×12 speed setup, it offers a simplified shifting experience without sacrificing the gear range you need to power through various gradients and surfaces.
  • The inclusion of carbon components strikes an ideal balance between strength and weight, delivering durability without weighing down your bike.

LTWOO GRT Shifter and Brake Lever

  • The shifter design is intuitive, allowing you to shift gears swiftly with minimal hand movement, which means you can keep your focus on the trail ahead.
  • Hydraulic brake levers are ergonomically shaped for comfort and provide immediate stopping power through a light touch, giving you confidence during sudden stops or when navigating technical sections.

With L-TWOO GRT’s impressive specs, your gravel riding is set to leap to new heights of performance and enjoyment. 

LTWOO GRT Rear Derailleur

Features and functionality of the LTWOO GRT Rear Derailleur

  • The LTWOO GRT Rear Derailleur is engineered to withstand the challenging conditions of gravel riding, thanks to its sturdy construction.
  • With precision shifting technology, you’ll experience seamless gear changes, even when navigating rough terrain.
  • It comes with a clutch mechanism which minimizes chain slap and derailment, ensuring a more stable and quiet ride.
  • Able to accommodate a wide gear range, this rear derailleur facilitates climbing steep hills and riding efficiently on flat ground.
  • The design allows for easy wheel changes and maintenance, making it a practical choice for riders who prefer to handle their bike repairs.

Compatibility and performance

  • This rear derailleur is compatible with the LTWOO 2×12 road groupset; by swapping it out, you create a customized setup tailored for gravel.
  • Its performance is optimized to handle the varying gear demands of gravel riding, giving you the confidence to tackle diverse landscapes.
  • The GRT12 model enhances overall drivetrain stability, which is particularly beneficial when you’re riding on uneven surfaces that are characteristic of gravel routes.
  • Combining this rear derailleur with your groupset not only adds a unique touch to your bike but also promises a reliable and efficient shifting experience.

LTWOO GRT Front Derailleur

Overview of the LTWOO GRT Front Derailleur

  • You can expect the LTWOO GRT Front Derailleur to deliver precision shifting tailored for the demanding conditions of gravel riding.
  • Designed for riders like you, it ensures smooth gear transitions when you’re pushing your limits on varying terrains.
  • Its robust build is specifically engineered to resist the dirt and impacts that come with the territory of your adventurous rides.
  • The hassle-free maintenance of this front derailleur means more time riding and less time servicing your bike.
  • Its compatibility with wide-range cassettes equips you for all gradients, from steep climbs to fast descents.

Options for 1x and 2x setups

  • Whether you prefer simplicity and weight savings with a 1x setup or the greater gear range provided by a 2x setup, this front derailleur supports your choice.
  • Keep in mind, a double crankset paired with this front derailleur can give you that extra range for speed on the flats or during a sprint finish.
  • Consider the balance between cassette size and overall weight. A larger cassette might offset the weight saved by forgoing a front derailleur.
  • The versatility of the LTWOO GRT Front Derailleur makes it a formidable addition to your gravel bike’s arsenal, capable of adapting to your specific riding needs and preferences.

Zrace 1x Crankset

Details of the Zrace Crankset and its available gear ratios

  • As a gravel rider who spends a notable amount of time on-road and is focused on covering ground swiftly, you’ll appreciate the Zrace Crankset.
  • This crankset offers you the extra top-end range needed to maintain high speeds, especially beneficial during long, flat segments or sprints.

Weight and stiffness considerations

  • It’s important to factor in the weight balance when choosing your drivetrain configuration. The Zrace 1x Crankset is designed to strike a balance between lightweight performance and necessary stiffness.
  • While shedding the front derailleur may save you some grams, opting for a larger cassette could negate those weight savings. However, it’s a trade-off worth considering based on your specific riding conditions.
  • The crankset’s construction delivers the durability and resistance to flex you require when powering through rugged terrain, ensuring your energy is efficiently transformed into forward motion.

Zrace Cassette

Options for the Zrace Cassette and gear range

  • When selecting the Zrace Cassette for your gravel bike, you’ll find a gear range that’s tailored for the unpredictability of off-road riding.
  • The availability of wide-range cassettes ensures that you can climb the steepest hills with ease while retaining enough high gears for fast road riding.
  • You’ll appreciate the smooth shifting performance across all gears, making it simple to find the right cadence no matter the terrain.

Ease of installation and compatibility

  • Installing the Zrace Cassette can be a straightforward process, even if you’re doing it yourself. It’s designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to spend less time in the workshop and more time on the trail.
  • Compatibility with various hubs is also taken into consideration, giving you the freedom to choose wheels that best fit your riding style and terrain.
  • By pairing the cassette with the GRT12 rear derailleur, you ensure a seamless setup that’s specifically designed to handle the rigors of gravel riding.
  • This combination not only broadens your bike’s capabilities but also lets you personalize your groupset to match your specific needs and preferences.

Zrace Chain

Features and durability of the Zrace Chain

  • The Zrace Chain is engineered with durability in mind, offering you a resilient component capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of gravel riding.
  • Its robust construction ensures that it can handle the constant shifts and changes in torque without stretching or wearing prematurely.
  • You will experience consistent performance and reliability on every ride, thanks to the chain’s precision manufacturing which reduces the chances of mis-shifts and dropped chains.
  • Whether tackling muddy trails or dusty paths, the Zrace Chain is designed to last and maintain optimal function through a variety of weather and terrain.

Maintenance and longevity

  • Maintaining the Zrace Chain is quite straightforward, allowing you to keep your bike in peak condition with minimal effort.
  • Regular cleaning and lubrication will extend the life of your chain, and by extension, the entire drivetrain, saving you money and hassle in the long term.
  • The enhanced wear resistance means you’re less likely to face unexpected issues during crucial moments of your ride or race.
  • Ultimately, the combination of ease of maintenance and built-in toughness gives you a chain that won’t let you down, mile after mile.

LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Performance and modulation of the LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Experience exceptional stopping power with the LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes, designed specifically for the demands of gravel biking.
  • The high-performance hydraulic system ensures that you have consistent brake pressure throughout your rides, offering superior modulation and control.
  • When you’re on unpredictable terrain, the reliable braking allows you to navigate corners and descents with confidence.
  • These brakes are built to provide quick responses, giving you the ability to make split-second decisions that can be crucial in avoiding hazards.

Installation and adjustment tips

  • Setting up your LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes is a straightforward process, and making adjustments is simple with the visible adjusting screws on each brake lever.
  • Ensure proper alignment of the brake pads to avoid any unnecessary noise or wear, and check the hydraulic fluid levels periodically for optimal performance.
  • Tighten all fittings securely to prevent leaks or any loss of brake power, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the system during your rides.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and adjustments will help maintain the longevity and effectiveness of your brakes.

Maintaining and getting the most out of your disc brakes are critical for your safety and enjoyment while riding. With the LTWOO GRT disc brakes, you’re equipped with a robust system ready to tackle the tough conditions of gravel biking. 

LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Performance and Modulation of the LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • You can rely on the LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes for unmatched stopping power, especially tailored for gravel biking enthusiasts.
  • Their advanced hydraulic system delivers steady brake pressure for unparalleled modulation and control.
  • Confront uncertain trails with confidence as these brakes offer dependable performance around tight bends and steep declines.
  • The quick reactivity of the system empowers you to navigate and avoid potential dangers with ease.

Installation and Adjustment Tips

  • Installing the LTWOO GRT Hydraulic Disc Brakes is uncomplicated, with visible screws that allow for easy adjustments.
  • For smooth and silent operation, ensure the brake pads are correctly aligned and periodically check the hydraulic fluid levels.
  • It’s vital to securely tighten all connections to prevent any leaks which could compromise braking efficacy.
  • Adhering to the provided installation guide will extend the life and functionality of your brakes.

To make the most of your cycling adventures, it’s crucial to keep your disc brakes in top condition. With LTWOO GRT disc brakes, your bike will be equipped to face robust gravel trails, bolstering your safety and riding pleasure.

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