Merida Silex 400 2023 Review

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I’ve been itching to share my take on one bike that has particularly caught my attention – the Merida Silex 400 2023. By virtue of its design and features, it’s become a favorite among gravel bike enthusiasts. This gravel bike is available in 3 different colors for its latest model: Matt Blue, Glossy Black, Champagne (Purple).

Overview of the Merida Silex 400 2023

One look at the Merida Silex 400 2023, and I was instantly smitten. Its impressive color combination and design aesthetics make it much more than just a head-turner. The Silex 400 is part of Merida’s top-range lineup of gravel bikes, known for their versatility and multi-terrain capability.

Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and paired with a carbon fork, this bike combines the best of both rugged durability and effortless ride comfort. With its progressive geometry focused on endurance, it’s your perfect companion for long-distance gravel rides, whether you’re grinding gravel for fun or chasing some serious miles.

Key features and highlights of the bike

  1. Drivetrain: The Merida Silex 400 2023 model features a 2×11 Shimano GRX drivetrain. It offers smooth and precise shifting, essential when you’re powering up those gravel inclines.
  2. Tyres: It comes equipped with massive 700x38C Merida Comp SL tyres. These large volume tyres provide excellent traction and comfort on diverse terrains.
  3. Brakes: Interestingly, Merida fitted this model with hydraulic disc brakes, offering remarkable stopping power and control, essential for gravel rides.
  4. Weight: At just 10.13 kg for a size medium, the bike is lightweight, perfect for those long gravel epics or for when you need to carry your bike over obstructions.

Here’s a table showcasing key features of Silex 400 2023 model:

Drivetrain2×11 Shimano GRX, providing smooth and precise shifting.
TyresMassive 700x38C Merida Comp SL tyres offer excellent traction and comfort on diverse terrains.
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes ensure remarkable stopping power and control.
WeightWeighs 10.13 kg for medium size; lightweight for long-distance rides and easy to carry over obstructions.

The Merida Silex 400 is, without a doubt, a solid pick for gravel aficionados. I encourage you to give it a shot on your next gravel ride and feel the difference!

Performance and Handling

On my quest for the perfect gravel bike, I’ve been fortunate to come across the Merida Silex 400. I’ve had quite the adventure with this bike, and I’d be delighted to share my experiences and thoughts on the performance and handling of this beauty.

Triple butted aluminium frame and carbon gravel fork

Truthfully, I was left in awe after my initial test ride, a real testament to the triple butted aluminium frame, which is surprisingly lightweight while possessing massive strength and rigidity for a smooth ride. Paired with a superb carbon gravel fork, the bike absorbed shocks and vibrations from diverse terrains like a champ. The bike’s sturdiness and handling were so pleasing that I found myself looking forward to those off-road routes.

Gravel-specific GRX groupset for optimal performance

What truly sets this bike apart from others I’ve ridden is its Gravel-specific GRX groupset. This fantastic specification supplied crisp gear transitions and excellent responsiveness. Be it steep climbs, descents or long stretches of flat, I felt an undeniable sense of control and agility thanks to the GRX groupset. The rugged, unforgiving trails were no longer a challenge, but a proving ground for the Merida Silex 400.

Additionally, the Merida Silex 400 comes with an excellent set of hydraulic disc brakes, guaranteeing uncompromising stopping power in any conditions – be it mud, dust, or water. Plus, the 700c wheels with gravel-specific tyres added immense value, aiding in delivering an incredibly stable and smooth ride.

Overall, my experience with the Merida Silex 400 has been nothing short of exciting. Combing a brilliant blend of performance and handling, it’s the perfect companion for anyone who seeks adventure and versatility. Equipped with an aluminium frame and a carbon gravel fork for strength, a specialized GRX groupset for control, the Silex 400 is indeed my pick for anyone in the hunt for an excellent gravel bike.

Comfort and Versatility

As a cycling enthusiast, I’ve had the chance to try out many bikes, and let me tell you, the Merida Silex 400 has carved a niche for itself in the world of gravel bikes. Boasting an incredibly versatile design, it is a model that promises modern comfort and exhilarating performance.

Modern MTB-inspired geometry for a comfortable ride

When I hopped onto the Merida Silex 400 2023, the first thing that struck me was the comfortable riding position. This bike incorporates a modern geometry inspired by mountain bikes. With a more upright position than traditional road bikes, the Silex 400 offers the perfect balance between comfort and speed. Its geometry makes for a plush ride that tames rough surfaces, making it a treat for those long gravel rides or cross-country adventures.

Long top and head tubes with short stem for nimble handling

What sets the Merida Silex 400 apart from its counterparts on the market is its clever combination of long top and head tubes with a short stem. This configuration might seem unconventional to some, but the moment you start pedaling, you realize how it works magic and benefits your ride. The long tubes provide stability at speed while the short stem keeps the handling lively and nimble. This makes maneuverability in tight spots or weaving through single-track an absolute breeze.

Surely, for a gravel grinder, the Merida Silex 400 has you covered for all of your off-road adventures. Its modern MTB-inspired geometry and thoughtful combination of long top and head tubes with a short stem deliver comfort, versatility, and nimble handling. Whether you’re on a gravel extraordinaire or a road rider looking to diversify, the Silex 400 could well be your next ride.

Off-Road Capability of Merida Silex 400 

As a seasoned off-road cyclist, getting my hands on a versatile bike such as the Merida Silex 400 has indeed been grand. It lends me not just the flexibility, but also the comfort I need for all my cycling adventures.

Stable handling for demanding cycling adventures

Now let’s talk about handling. With its “Class 5.0 Vibration Damping System” and the TFS frame technology, the bike offers superior control on diverse terrains. It’s like the Merida Silex 400 intuitively understands my thoughts and seamlessly complements my moves. You might think I am exaggerating, but the superb grip of the Maxxis Rambler tires does pack an impressive punch for stability.

Ideal for bikepacking excursions and rough terrains

Bikepacking, long-distance tours, or rough terrains– whatever my plan for the weekend is, the Merida Silex 400 is up for the task. With its robust aluminum frame, the bike can comfortably handle the weight of my gear. The wider-than-usual gear range on the Shimano GRX 400 groupset has proven useful when encountering those nerve-wracking steep slopes. Let’s not forget the super sturdy yet light carbon fork of the bike that brilliantly absorbs any shock from rocky terrains.

To sum it up, the Merida Silex 400 edition has not disappointed when it comes to delivering a sterling off-road performance. It has a comfortable geometry designed specifically for multi-day adventures and challenging terrains. All of these factors contribute to making the bike an unbeatable companion for all my off-road escapades. Guess what, I am already looking forward to my next adventure with the Merida Silex 400. Will I see you there?

In a nutshell, here are some vital features of the Merida Silex 400 2023:

Damping SystemWith a Class 5.0 system, it offers top-notch control on varied terrains.
TiresMaxxis Rambler tires offer excellent grip for stability.
FrameThe robust aluminum frame can handle the weight of all your gear.
GroupsetWider gear range on the Shimano GRX 400 has proven useful when encountered rigorous steep slopes.
ForkThe bike has a carbon fork that superbly absorbs shock in rocky terrains.


From an adventurous journey, ripping across dirt roads to a quick jaunt to a coffee shop, riding the Merida Silex 400 2023 version has been an absolute joy. The bike’s performance has surprised me, honestly exceeding my expectations.

Overall assessment of the Merida Silex 400 2023

Speaking as a veteran cyclist, the Merida Silex 400 2023 is one amazingly versatile bike! Its unique geometry provides a relaxed and comfortable position, which is fantastic for longer rides. On the other hand, its lightweight aluminum frame grants agility and responsiveness, masterfully dealing with quick, short turns, ensuring a safe ride.

The solid Shimano GRX groupset functions perfectly, offering easy gear shifting even during tricky terrains. The 700x38C Maxxis Rambler tyres, were they ever reliable! They offered good grip whether on tarmac or trails, providing smooth rolling and top-tier durability.

Recommendation for different cycling needs

For the adventure seekers, the bike’s ruggedness and off-road performance are top-notch. The Merida Silex 400 promises a ride that’s comfortable on any terrain. Whether you’re planning a weekend touring the countryside or gearing up for a gravel race, it has you covered.

For the city dwellers, the bike might seem like a bit overkill. But its single-track capabilities make it a breeze going through crowded city streets. Its durability and sturdiness ensure it can handle city’s rough patches too.

To sum things up, whether you’re planning an off-road adventure or just a regular city commute, the Merida Silex 400 delivers a reliable, thrilling, and comfortable cycling experience. It’s a bike that I personally think hits the right balance between being capable and exhilarating, no matter where the road takes you.

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