What is a TT bike on Strava?

A bicycle with a cell phone attached to the handlebar.

If you have been using Strava for a while, you have probably noticed the TT bike when you add your first bike to the gear list section under your profile. There is a lot of talk about it but no one knows what it is. This blog will break down the jargon, so you can understand it.  

What is a TT bike?

Often referred to as the “Formula 1 of cycling,” a TT bike, or time trial bike, is a beast on two wheels. These machines are constructed to be ultra-aerodynamic, designed with speed at the forefront of priorities. They boast of bullhorn handlebars or aero bars, which allow you to lean forward in a tucked position offering least wind resistance. Along with curved tubing and hidden brakes, the geometry of these bikes minimizes drag, encouraging you to push the pace. Professionals often use TT bikes in timed races against the clock where every second counts.

Why is it important for Strava users?

As a Strava user, a TT bike could significantly change your performance. If you’re looking to shave off seconds or even minutes from your personal best, the aerodynamics of a TT bike could help you reach your goals. These bikes can afford increased speed, beating that of a conventional road bike. 

What’s more, Strava is all about competition and improvement. Your Strava metrics, like your segment times and overall speed, can vastly improve with the use of a TT bike. Owning a TT bike and using it often can lead to significant personal advancements, and by extension, improvements in your Strava rankings.

A TT Bike and Strava can make a dynamic duo, continuing to elicit better performance from you while providing you with a thrilling cycling experience.

Understanding TT Bikes

When you’re deep into the mesmerizing world of cycling, you’ll come across different types of bikes. One fascinating and highly specific type is a TT bike, or time trial bike. Designed for singular purpose – speed, TT bikes are a common sight at triathlons and time trial racing events.

Key features and design of TT bikes

You might wonder, what differentiates a TT bike from a regular road bike? Ample things actually. First, their unusual design which is optimized for aerodynamics. The steeper tube angles and tri bars, the cowhorn-shaped handlebars extending out in front, and the saddle positioned forward, are unique features aiming to reduce wind resistance and optimize power output.

TT bikes also feature disc wheels or deep-section rims. These elements enhance speed by improving aerodynamics, but might be tricky when dealing with crosswinds.

Remember, TT bikes are not typically designed for comfort, rather for performance. So if you prefer a more relaxed ride, a TT bike might not be your first choice.

Benefits of using a TT bike on Strava

If you’re a fanatic of the fitness tracking app Strava, consider getting a TT bike. Not only do they allow you to clock faster times, they can make your cycling experience more engaging.

Are you striving for KOM/QOM(title of the fastest person on a segment) on Strava? A TT bike could be your secret weapon. Thanks to the aggressive aero position, you could shave off crucial seconds from your ride times.

However, consider that using a TT bike requires adaptation due to its distinctive design and riding position. So, enjoy smoother and quicker rides with a TT bike and conquer your Strava segments like a professional.

Using TT Bikes on Strava

As the flawless fusion of technology and fitness, Strava constitutes an integral part of your cycling regimen. You’ve probably heard of or even used a TT (Time Trial) bicycle on Strava, and you’re interested in learning more about it.

A TT bicycle, simply put, is a bike specifically designed for time trial events. It represents the zenith of speed, aerodynamics, and pure cycling performance. Leveraging this finely-tuned machine on Strava poses an indispensable way to optimize your time trial efforts.

How to track TT bike rides on Strava

Get ready to enhance your cycling game on Strava with your TT bike. It’s absolutely essential; every push, pedal, and swath carved through the wind by your TT bike could be captured and measured.

To track your ride, first, ensure that your Strava account and device/app are synchronized. Start at the beginning of your ride and hit the ‘record’ button on your device or Strava app. Once your exhilarating ride is completed, press ‘stop.’ In a few moments, your ride will be automatically saved, and voila! Detailed statistics of your TT bike journey are ready to be analyzed.

Features and data specific to TT bikes on Strava

Unleash the true potential of your TT bike: Strava offers varied metrics which can be used to gauge your performance on a TT bike. Time, distance, speed, and power are typical data points, but Strava also presents segment leaderboard rankings, Personal Records (PRs), among several other features.

Using these data, you can track progress over time, and even compare your stats with other cyclists using TT bikes. Remember, integrating Strava with your TT bike provides you unmatched insights into your cycling performance. Don’t hesitate and let the ride begin!

Maximizing Performance with TT Bikes on Strava

As an avid cyclist, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the prowess of time trial (TT) bikes on Strava. But what exactly is a TT bike?

On Strava, a TT bike refers to a time trial or triathlon bike, which is a racing bicycle designed for use in races against the clock. The design of a TT bike prioritizes aerodynamics and power transfer above comfort, as these are bikes that are made for speed.

Utilizing Strava segments with a TT bike

Unlike a traditional road bike, a TT bike has a distinct, aerodynamic shape with aero bars that allow you to hunker down into a streamlined position. All of these features have an impact on your Strava segment times.

Title: TT bikes and Strava segments

Given your TT bike’s design, Strava segments prove to be the perfect playground. These are portions of road or trails created by members of the Strava community where cyclists can compare their times.

When you’re out on your TT bike, make sure to take full advantage of these segments. Measure your times and compare them with previous performances to track your progress and improvements.

Tips for improving TT bike performance on Strava

Getting to grips with a TT bike can take time, so don’t be discouraged if your initial times on Strava segments aren’t what you expected.

Gradual improvement: Remember, progress is often small and incremental. Keep refining your position and fit on the bike, as the smallest tweaks can lead to significant improvements in speed and overall performance.

Practice: Additionally, ensuring regular rides with your TT bike will make you more comfortable and efficient in the aero position, which in turn, will lead to better times on Strava segments.

Remember, good things come to those who pedal! Enjoy your ride and the improvements will follow.

Challenges and Limitations

When it comes to logging your rides on Strava, you may be tempted to always grab your Time Trial (TT) bike to clock those speedy ride times. However, there are several potential hurdles and aspects to consider when using a TT bike on Strava.

Potential challenges when using a TT bike on Strava

Comfort: TT bikes may be fast, but the aerodynamic position isn’t necessarily the most comfortable for long durations. Extended periods in the TT position might cause discomfort or even pain.

Handling: TT bikes are not known for their handling abilities. Navigating through hills, turns, and tricky terrain might be more challenging compared to a standard road bike.

Limitations and considerations for TT bike usage on Strava

Not Ideal For Group Rides: If you’re planning for social rides or group activities, a TT bike might not be your best bet. The aggressive aerodynamic position can make communication difficult and the quick speed might leave your buddies trailing behind.

Safety Measures: TT bikes, with their forward position, can make handling challenging, especially in traffic or crowded areas. Their speed can also make stopping rapidly or changing direction suddenly more dangerous.

Strava Segments: Finally, Strava segments are tracked universally– regardless of whether you’re on a TT bike, road bike, or mountain bike. Some riders might feel it’s not a fair comparison to match TT bike times against standard road bikes.

Rather than clocking faster times, cycling should be more about challenging yourself, improving your fitness, and enjoying the ride. Take care to consider these potential challenges and limitations when using a TT bike on Strava.


Throughout your cycling experience, you may encounter various types of bikes, but if you’ve started using Strava to monitor your cycling progress, you’ll quickly encounter a term and bike type that may be unfamiliar – the TT bike. Time Trial (TT) bikes, also known as aerodynamic bikes, are a specialized type of road bike designed to maximize speed, minimize resistance, and significantly cut time off your cycling routes.

Summary of using a TT bike on Strava

Using a TT bike on Strava has a host of advantages. Firstly, it offers significantly reduced wind resistance compared to regular road bikes. With a well-designed frame, deep-rimmed wheels, and unique riding position, the TT bike cuts through the air more efficiently, allowing you to ride faster for the same level of effort.

Additionally, although slightly less comfortable than a regular road bike, TT bikes offer improved bike handling, particularly at high speeds. When paired with the advanced GPS tracking and performance analytics provided by Strava, the TT bike can provide valuable cycling insight and contribute to significant performance improvements over time.

Final thoughts and recommendations

As you continue cycling and exploring new performance limits, the decision to use a TT bike on Strava should mainly depend on your cycling goals. If you are focused on reducing your time and increasing your speed, a TT bike is the ideal choice. However, remember that this enhanced performance comes with a trade-off in comfort, maneuverability, and cost.

Final note

Remember, while a TT bike can enhance your speed and performance, it is essential to prioritize safety and abide by traffic rules at all times. When it comes to setting new records on Strava, nothing is more important than your well-being.

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