Best Cycling YouTube Channels

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Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast looking for inspiration, tips, or just some entertainment, YouTube has become a treasure trove of content for riders of all levels. From professional cyclists sharing their training routines to bike enthusiasts exploring the world on two wheels, there’s something for everyone.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the top cycling YouTube channels that are sure to ignite your passion for cycling. Get ready to immerse yourself in thrilling race coverage, expert advice on bike maintenance and upgrades, breathtaking travel vlogs, and much more.

So, grab your helmet, buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of the best cycling YouTube channels that will take your love for cycling to new heights!

GCN (Global Cycling Network)

Anyone with a passion for cycling will already be familiar with GCN (Global Cycling Network). As one of the most popular cycling channels on YouTube, GCN is the go-to source for all things related to bicycles, whether it’s gear reviews, training tips, or exciting race coverage.

Introduction to GCN

GCN is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things cycling. Launched in 2013, it has since amassed over 2 million subscribers and is popular among both professional cyclists and hobbyists. Whether you’re new to cycling or an old pro, GCN has plenty to offer.

At its core, GCN’s mission is to inspire and entertain. Their inquisitive and exuberant presenters get to the heart of professional cycling with an insightful and engaging approach, making it relatable to fans around the world.

Popular series and content on GCN

GCN provides a wide variety of content to cater to different aspects of cycling. Here are some of their popular series and content:

• Show of the Week: The show dives into all the exciting happenings in the cycling world, from the latest news, hottest topics to interesting interviews.

• GCN Tech Clinic: The presenters answer viewers’ next level, technical cycling-related questions.

• How To: These videos provide practical tips and advice on everything from bike maintenance to nutrition and training, helping cyclist of all levels to improve.

• Epic Rides: These videos document the presenter’s adventurous rides in stunning locations around the world.

• Ask GCN Anything: This is a Q&A-style series where the GCN team answers audience’s questions in general.

While the specific content might differ, viewers can always expect high-quality videos which are informative, engaging, and, at times, hilarious. So if you’re a bike enthusiast, the GCN YouTube channel is a valuable resource with invaluable insights into everything cycling.

Cycling Maven

If you’re an avid cyclist or interested in entering the world of cycling, Cycling Maven is a must-watch. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Mark Ferguson, the man behind Cycling Maven, takes his audience on a journey with his daily vlogs documenting life as an amateur cyclist, his love for the sport, and the worldwide cyclist community.

Why Cycling Maven is one of the best

Here are a few reasons why Cycling Maven has earned its place among the best cycling channels on YouTube:

• Engaging Daily Vlogs: Mark’s lively personality and daily video logs keep viewers hooked and give a personalized touch to each adventure. He gives the audience a real inside look at the cycling lifestyle.

• Informative Content: Apart from offering entertaining vlogs, Cycling Maven’s channel is also stacked with practical advice and information on cycle maintenance, training strategies, diet, and more.

• Cyclist Community: Mark has created a community on his channel where cyclists from all around the globe can share their experiences, ask questions, and interact about all things cycling.

You can visit the Cycling Maven YouTube channel to explore his exciting cycling world.

Notable videos and collaborations on Cycling Maven

Cycling Maven not only delivers daily vlogs but also brings collaborations with other famous cyclists and notable videos which have often trended among the cycling community. “The Epic Race Across America,” where Mark documents his experience racing across the U.S., and “The Indian Pacific Wheel Race vlogs,” a series of videos displaying the harsh and competitive nature of ultra-endurance races, have garnered significant views and engaged cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

In a nutshell, Cycling Maven is a perfect blend of adventure, information, community, and real cycling experiences that is worth checking out for any cycle lover or newcomer.

Francis Cade

If you’re a fan of cycling and love immersing yourself into the ins and outs of the sport, you must check out Francis Cade’s YouTube channel. Catering to all your cycling needs, from detailed bike reviews to captivating adventure ride vlogs, Cade offers an extensive range of quality content to keep you entertained and informed about the cycling world.

The unique content style of Francis Cade

Francis Cade’s personalized approach to cycling content is what sets him apart. This avid cyclist and former bike courier boast an exciting flair for storytelling and producing high-resolution cinematic footage. His thrilling journey, in-depth device reviews, and cycling tips put you right in the saddle with him.

In summary, here’s what makes Francis Cade’s content unique:

  • In-Depth Bike Reviews: Cade’s comprehensive reviews give viewers a clear glimpse of what biking equipment offers in terms of functionality, price, design, and performance.
  • Adventure Ride Logs: The cyclist records his thrilling long-distance rides and races, providing a personal and mesmerizing view of the landscapes and the various challenges he encounters.
  • Tips and Advice: Catering to both beginners and advanced cyclists, Cade regularly shares tips and advice on cycling techniques, maintenance, nutrition, and clothing.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Cade’s friendly and informal presentation style, combined with his personal anecdotes, make for fun and informative content.

Favorite cycling videos on Francis Cade’s channel

Here are some must-watch videos from Francis Cade:

  • “Reviewing EVERYONE’S Bikes”: Cade critiques the bikes of his viewers, offering tips and suggestions on how they can enhance their cycling experience.
  • “Day in the Life of a Bike Courier”: The cyclist re-lives his former life as a bike courier in London, showcasing the excitement and unique challenges that come with the job.
  • “Racing Across an Entire Country in One Day”: Cade documents his breath-taking journey as he races across a country (Spain) in a single day.
  • “Testing the World’s Lightest Production Bike”: This video features Cade’s test ride and review of the Trek Emonda SLR – the world’s lightest production bike.

Do check out Francis Cade’s YouTube channel, especially if you’re looking for immersive, informative, and entertaining content from the cycling world. His channel is just the right place to pedal your passion for cycling!

The Vegan Cyclist

The YouTube community of cyclists is a thriving one and amongst them, Tyler Pearce, fondly known as “The Vegan Cyclist” stands out with his unique take on combining cycling and a plant-based lifestyle.

How The Vegan Cyclist combines cycling and plant-based lifestyle

The Vegan Cyclist often referred to as TVC, jam-packs his content with powerful training tips, race breakdowns, and even a behind-the-scenes look at his family life. His story is not only about performance cycling, but also how he fuels himself strictly with a plant-based diet, debunking any myths that vegans can’t be successful athletes. His content is a testament to how a plant-based diet can be well-balanced, high in nutrients, and beneficial for cyclists who demand a lot from their bodies.

Key videos and topics covered on The Vegan Cyclist

A quick look at the Vegan Cyclist’s YouTube channel illustrates a diverse and robust collection of content covering a wide array of topics. Here’s a hint of what you’ll discover:

• Racing Tip and Strategies: TVC provides in-depth strategies and tips for race day. He breaks down his own races, describing his thought process and decision-making during the heat of the competition.

• Training Videos: You can follow along with his training rides, learning about his workout routines, and how he adjusts his training and recovery based on data from his heart rate monitor and power meter.

• Plant-Based Nutrition: Learn from his journey of fueling his competitive cycling lifestyle as a vegan. Pearce shares some of his recipes, preferred supplements, and his thoughts on the overall relation of diet to cycling performance.

• Product Reviews: From cycling gear to supplements, you can trust TVC for unbiased, in-depth, and practical reviews.

• Lifestyle: Get a peek behind the racing and training as Pearce vlogs about his family, hobbies outside of cycling, and how he balances a demanding training regimen with everyday life.

Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or a seasoned rider, a vegan athlete or just someone who’s interested in a new perspective, the Vegan Cyclist generously shares valuable content. His insightful, personal, and frequently hilarious reflections on the cycling world make him one of the standout figures in the YouTube cycling community.

Stay tuned, and keep pedaling!

Durianrider Cycling Tips

 Durianrider Cycling Tips is known worldwide for its unconventional and enthusiastic approach towards biking. A prominent figure behind this channel is Harley Johnstone, who is famous for his flamboyant personality and open-hearted advice on diet, fitness and personal lifestyle. Not surprisingly, the channel has gained momentum over the years and attracted a large fan base.

The unconventional approach of Durianrider Cycling Tips

The essence of Durianrider is its radical divergence from the conventional cycling and fitness channels. Noteworthy is its emphasis on vegan diet and environmental responsibility as vital components of a cycling lifestyle besides the focus on cycling techniques and gear.

Here are some features that make this channel standout:

  • Dietary advice: Being a fruitarian himself, Johnstone provides diet-related advice incorporated with biking.
  • Environmental Responsibility: The channel encourages responsibility towards nature and promotes a minimalist lifestyle which they believe leads to better performance.
  • Instructive Videos: Contain tips and tricks from Johnstone’s personal experiences with cycling, fitness, and diet.

For more information about the channel, visit their Youtube channel.

Notable advice and cycling insights from Durianrider

Johnstone consistently drives home the point that passion, dedication and consistency are the foundation stones to achieving biking goals. Some of the critical pieces of advice and insights he often shares includes:

  • Nutrition is key: He emphasizes that a healthy, vegan diet can provide sufficient energy for intense cycling.
  • Training Insight: Johnstone believes in training smart, not hard, for long-term, sustainable results.
  • Equipment doesn’t compensate for skill: High-end gear can enhance performance but not compensate for a lack of fitness or skill.

Durianrider Cycling Tips is a breath of fresh air in a space often crammed with too technical, too specialized content. Whether his advice appeals to you or not, he is a testament that cycling is not just a sport but a lifestyle, where nutrition and care for the environment play an integral part.


BikeRadar has ridden its way into the heart of YouTube’s cycling community. This dynamic YouTube channel is best known for its comprehensive reviews, helpful guides, top lists, and much more. Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist or a newbie to the cycling world, BikeRadar offers a balanced mix of content for everyone.

Why BikeRadar is a popular cycling channel

So, why has BikeRadar become a household name amongst cycling enthusiasts?

• Diverse Content: BikeRadar covers the entire spectrum of cycling. From mountain biking to road biking, from beginners’ guides to professional gear reviews, BikeRadar provides a vast range of content that caters to the diverse interest of its viewers.

• Expert Reviews: What sets BikeRadar apart from many other cycling channels is their in-depth, honest, and reliable bike reviews. These reviews help viewers to make informed decisions about their next cycling purchase.

• Helpful Tips: The channel regularly posts videos with helpful tips and tricks for cycling. Whether it’s about improving pedal technique or selecting the right bike helmet – BikeRadar has got it covered.

• Top Lists: BikeRadar’s ‘top cycling products’ videos are popular amongst viewers. This format allows the channel to showcase the best in a particular category (like best mountain bikes, best cycling shoes etc.)

• Cycling News: BikeRadar keeps its viewers updated with the latest in the cycling world. This includes updates on new bike launches, tech news, race coverage, and much more.

You can find more about BikeRadar and its content on their YouTube channel.

With its combination of engaging and informative content, it’s no surprise that BikeRadar has gained a loyal following on YouTube. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one cycling channel, BikeRadar is the channel to be!

Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN)

The world of cycling is vast and marvellous, catering to a diverse range of interests. One such interest dwells in the rugged trails of mountains, welcoming adventure seekers passionate about mountain biking. And no other platform celebrates this passion quite like the Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN).

The focus and appeal of GMBN

GMBN is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts, providing top quality and insightful content on a wide array of topics. The channel explores everything from beginner’s guides to professional advice, bike maintenance tips, adventurous trail routes, and even entertaining blooper videos:

1. In-depth Analysis: GMBN is renowned for its thorough explanation and analysis on various technical elements of mountain biking, making it an excellent resource for amateurs and pros alike.

2. Tips and Tricks: The channel offers valuable tips and tricks on how to improve riding skills, helping viewers become better bikers.

3. Bike Maintenance: Tips on how to maintain and repair your bike are essential parts of GMBN’s content, ensuring that your mountain bike stays in top shape.

4. Adventure: GMBN takes viewers along for virtual rides on stunning and challenging trails worldwide, making sure to keep the spirit of adventure in mountain biking alive and well.

Notable mountain biking content on GMBN

Some of GMBN’s most popular and recommended videos include:

• “Top 10 Riding Tips”: A fantastic guide that covers practical tips every mountain biker should know.

• “10 Mechanical Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making”: A must-watch essentials guide for bike maintenance.

• “Top 5 Ways To Survive Winter Mountain Biking”: A helpful video for those looking to brave the trails during colder seasons.

• “Epic Ride in the French Alps with Brendan Fairclough”: An adventurous ride with a professional mountain biker showcasing the thrilling experience of mountain biking.

GMBN, with its wide variety of topics and mountain biking expertise, provides a splendid resource for enthusiasts of every level. If you have a love for mountain biking or want to take up the sport, exploring the Global Mountain Bike Network is a great place to start.

Seth’s Bike Hacks

Seth’s Bike Hacks is a popular cycling YouTube channel that has amassed millions of followers thanks to its unique style, engaging content, and distinctive perspective. The channel’s content revolves around all things cycling and is a must-visit for any cycling enthusiast out there.

How Seth’s Bike Hacks stands out in the cycling YouTube community

Seth’s Bike Hacks success can be attributed to a few key aspects:

• Variety: The channel offers a comprehensive variety of content, including reviews, tips, tricks, cycling adventures, and DIY guides, which appeals to a broad audience.

• Authenticity: Seth, the man behind the channel, is an avid cyclist, and his passion for biking shines through in his videos. His genuine love for the sport resonates with his audience.

• Quality: The channel is renowned for its production quality. Each video is well edited and presented, featuring excellent cinematography that draws in viewers.

• Engagement: Seth has a knack for engaging with his audience. Whether through the comments section or his articulate presentations on camera, he fosters a true sense of community in his channel.

• Education: New cyclists can learn a lot from Seth’s Bike Hacks. The channel is packed with informative content for both budding and experienced cyclists.

All these aspects converged help Seth’s Bike Hacks stand out as one of the leading YouTube channels catering to the cycling community. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or just starting out, Seth’s Bike Hacks is a valuable resource that offers fun, engaging, and educational content that shouldn’t be missed.

Shane Miller

If you love cycling and want to stay updated on the latest news, tips, and reviews, you need to be following Shane Miller’s YouTube channel, GPLama.


Started by expert cyclist, Shane Miller, this channel has become a go-to resource for anything and everything related to cycling. From in-depth product reviews to helpful tutorials, GPLama is sure to have content that appeals to cycling enthusiasts of any level.

The expertise and technology focus of Shane Miller

One key thing that sets Shane’s channel apart is his expertise in cycling technology. Shane combines his passion for cycling with a deep understanding of technology to produce content that’s both engaging and highly informative. He covers topics like:

• Indoor Cycling Reviews: Shane analyses and compares various indoor cycling platforms and shares his insights to help you make the best choice.

• Power Meters: As an important tool for any serious cyclist, Shane provides comprehensive reviews on the latest power meters in the market.

• Cycling Gadgets: From smart trainers to bike computers, Shane keeps his audience updated on the latest tech to enhance their cycling experience.

• Cycling Tips: Beyond reviews, Shane also offers practical tips to improve cycling performance and ways to use cycling tech effectively.

So if you’re a cycling enthusiast looking to improve your cycling performance or keen on learning more about the latest cycling gear and technology, joining the GPLama community is a ride you won’t regret!


Among numerous cycling-focused YouTube channels today, CyclingTips channel remarkably stands out. It’s a go-to resource, offering an amazing blend of features from gear reviews to cycling advice, news on professional cycling to inspiring adventure stories. Its diverse content and friendly, engaging tone make it a favorite among both cycling enthusiasts and beginners.

Why CyclingTips is a go-to resource for cycling enthusiasts

CyclingTips doesn’t just address the professional athletes in the cycling world – it brings together a whole community of people who share a love for cycling at its core. Here’s why CyclingTips is gaining rapid popularity:

• Extensive Gear Reviews: The channel offers comprehensive reviews on various cycling equipment, making it easier for followers to make informed buying decisions.

• Training Advice: From tips on riding techniques to suggestions for fitness routines, CyclingTips is the perfect guide for improving cycling skills and physical preparedness.

• Stories and Adventure: The channel consistently shares inspiring cycling travelogues and personal stories, arousing a spirit of adventure in the viewers.

• Professional Cycling News: Stay updated on the latest happenings in the world of professional cycling with their frequent news updates.

Highlighted articles and videos on CyclingTips

CyclingTips has a wide array of engaging content. Here are some videos that have garnered viewer interest:

1. “The bike that won the Giro d’Italia”: In this video, you can learn about the Bianchi Oltre XR4, the bike ridden by the champion of Giro d’Italia 2021, Egan Bernal.

2. “How to Prepare for a Long Ride”: This insightful video provides a helpful strategy on how to adequately prepare, physically and mentally, for a long cycling trip.

3. “Tour de France 2023 – Route Analysis”: A detailed analysis of the Tour de France 2023 route, raising interesting points and predictions.

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or someone who has just started exploring the cycling world, CyclingTips is definitely a YouTube channel worth checking out.

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